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The CEE Stock Exchange Group (CEESEG) is a holding company comprising the stock exchanges of Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana and Prague. The abbreviation CEE stands for Central and Eastern Europe. The holding company is the strategic and financial leader and also responsible for the administration of the equity interests, while the day-to-day operation of the exchanges is taken care of locally by the four subsidiaries.

The CEESEG is the most important equity trading platform for the Central and East European region. According to our estimates, the four stock exchanges jointly account for around half of total market capitalization and about two-thirds of total trading volumes in the CEE region, making the CEE Stock Exchange Group the largest player among the stock exchanges of Central and Eastern Europe.

The CEE Stock Exchange Group emerged from a series of acquisitions of Central and East European stock exchanges by the Vienna Stock Exchange after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The stock exchanges acquired were initially held by Wiener Börse AG as equity interests. In 2010, these exchanges – along with the former parent company – became equal members in the group of the newly created holding company.

The CEE Stock Exchange Group computes two indices: the CEESEG Traded Index (CEETX) and the CEESEG Composite Index. The CEETX is a price index based on the market capitalization of the 25 most actively traded securities of the four stock exchanges; the CEESEG Composite represents an average value derived from the four stock market indices ATX, BUX,PX and SBITOP.

Equity interests: The CEE Stock Exchange Group owns the following equity interests in Central and East European stock exchanges (as of 20 February 2010):

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