High Speed Vendor Feed also known as HSVF is the market data vendor protocol of the Electronic Sola Trading platform [1] currently being used for the dissemination of market data for options, futures, Forwards and other exchange-listed derivative securities for five major derivative exchanges globally which include the following:

The HSVF protocol is part Sola Trading Solutions which is both designed and developed by The Montreal Exchange (Bourse de Montréal)[8] which is now a fully owned subsidiary of the TMX Group.

HSVF parses and broadcasts all of its market data in 4 major Sub categories:[9]

  • default Messages for Equity, ETF and Index options
  • F Messages for futures
  • B Messages for North American Options on Futures
  • S Messages for all Derivative Strategies including Spreads, Strips, Straddles, Strangles, Combos, and User defined Complex orders.[10]

The basic List of Messages that are available across all HSVF broadcasts are:

  • Trades (C, CF, CB, CS)
  • Request for Quotes (D, DF, DB, DS)
  • Quotes (F, FF, FB, FS)
  • Market Depth (H, HF, HB, HS)
  • Trade Cancel (bust) (I, IF, IB, IS)
  • Instrument Key (J, JF, JB, JS)
  • Instrument Summary (N, NF, NB, NS)
  • Beginning of Instrument Summary (Q, QF, QB, QS)[10]

HSVF various exchanges uses the following global Identifiers: Q = Montreal Exchange, B = Boston Options Exchange, E = Turquoise (trading platform) (Derivatives), O = Oslo Børs, I = IDEM (Italian Derivatives Equity Market) on Borsa Italiana.

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External links Edit

  • SOLA Homepage [2]
  • HSVF Specifications Canada [3]
  • HSVF Specifications London-Norway [4]
  • HSVF Specifications Italy [5]
  • HSVF Specifications US [6]

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