The National Investor Relations Institute, known as "NIRI," is the largest professional association for investor relations (IR) professionals in the world. Located in Vienna, Virginia, NIRI is the professional association of corporate officers and investor relations consultants responsible for communications among corporate management, shareholders, securities analysts and other financial publics. NIRI’s 4,400 members represent nearly 2,100 publicly held companies and $5.4 trillion in stock market capitalization. NIRI was founded in 1969 and has 33 chapters located throughout the United States.

In the United Kingdom, the equivalent industry body is the Investor Relations Society, while in Australia the professional body is the Australian Investor Relations Association.

NIRI's mission is to advance the practice of investor relations and the professional competency and stature of its members. NIRI provides members with information resources, professional development and educational opportunities, and peer networking. NIRI acts as an advocate for the IR profession as well as the IR professional.

It publishes "best practices" guidelines for public companies which encourage companies to adopt a written disclosure policy.[1]


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