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Power Plus Pro is a piece of financial software produced by Reuters in the form of an addin for Microsoft Office Excel. It is a real time data engine which will push new data into Excel when it receives notification of these updates from a Reuters TIBCO bus. This is commonly live market data, such as stock prices, from a financial exchange. Information can also be contributed to the TIBCO bus from Excel using the addin, which is then available to other permissioned users using the addin on another computer or using Reuters 3000 Xtra stand alone software. It also has features which allow retrieval of historical market data.

A typical excel formula call is =RtGet("IDN_SELECTFEED","AAPL","LAST").

Competitors include Vistasource's RTW, Gissing RealtimeXL, Arcontech's Excelerator, DTS's ExPDA and the addin associated with the Bloomberg Terminal (Bloomberg L.P.'s equivalent of Reuters 3000 Xtra).

Vistasource RTW, Gissing RealtimeXL, DTS's ExPDA and Arcontech's Excelerator provide the realtime data engine and will generally source data from Bloomberg, Reuters and/or other market data sources.

And a free alternative would be to use Microsoft Office Add-In to get dynamic stock quotes in Excel.

Succeed by Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel which can convert Power Plus Pro spreadsheets to use new functions.