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TradersStudio is an EOD trading software and a technical analysis software used for analyzing and trading the financial markets. It is a Windows-based application.

Its Core Concept is that it has two layers, (a) Session Layer, which is “a (one) system and a set of parameters on one or more markets” and (b) Trade Plan Layer, which allows multiple sessions to run one bar at a time and pass information between them using a type of Object based programming method, (just like Excel). Moreover, Sessions run one market at a time.

The Company Edit

Murray A. Ruggiero, Jr. is the Vice President of R&D for TradersStudio Inc. He has authored many articles[1] and books namely:

  • Traders' secrets[2]
  • Cybernetic Trading Strategies[3]

The company has been started by real life traders who have used the experience of trading to develop a software catering to the needs of the trading.

Features Edit

Its features are as follows:

  • An EOD (End of Day) product which supports intraday testing down to one minute bars.
  • Supports Backtesting using daily Forex data and Intra-day data
  • Supports Walk Forward Optimization and analysis which can generate trading signals for tomorrow.
  • Optimization at the Money Management level[4]
  • Multi-data handling: Handle data from various sources, by which we can assign groups and sectors to data added to the program
  • Develop and backtest Forex trading systems. Includes “automatic currency rate”, wherein one can trade Forex in any currency besides dollars.
  • Global Macro language
  • Variety of reports and charts for multiple or individual markets.
  • Quick Charts where you can chart any series of market even those that are in different asset classes.
  • Real World Equity Trading using split-adjusted data
  • Migration Tool helps in conversion of TradeStation code (EasyLanguage) into TradersStudio code (TradersStudio Basic).
  • Provides a Drag and Drop Programming Wizardfor users who do not know much programming. You can create programs by filling templates via the drag and drop features.
  • To do programming in TradersStudio, you need to have basic knowledge of Visual Basic, EasyLanguage or Microsoft Excel VBA[5]
  • The language of TradersStudio, TradersStudio Basic and if you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel VBA[5] you can pick it up soon.

Version Edit

In terms of stable release, the product has been shipping since September 2004. The previous version was 2.5 EOD and the latest version is a Professional one with enhanced features and many more functions. They have also provided a free Demo of their software.

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